Carrie Bowman, MA, PCC, CLC Presents:

The 5-Step Strategy Smart Professionals Use to Finally MASTER Fear, Overwhelm, and Constant Negative Mental Chatter That Just Won’t Stop (even if they have tried everything and nothing has worked)

Presented by

Carrie Bowman  

Carrie is a Master Life Coach and Trained Therapist. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, ABD from the University of Vermont, and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  

Carrie has spent two decades working in the field of therapy, counseling, and transformational coaching. Her specialty is helping clients all over the world transcend fear, anxiety and overactive minds so they can create, deep, rich, and meaningful lives.

In This Master Class You’ll Discover How To... 

  • The simple game plan our professional clients use to eliminate daily fear and overwhelm so they finally have control and choice over their lives, without medications or YEARS of therapy.
  • Why simply relying on mental approaches like willpower, logic, intelligence, and discipline are the exact WRONG strategies to follow when it comes to working with doubt and self-sabotage…and the simple tweak our clients make to almost instantly feel more calm and relaxed.
  • How to put an end to daily procrastination and obsessively avoiding the SCARY stuff once and for all, and the secret weapon our clients use to effortlessly shift their thoughts and feelings in real time.
  • The exact method our clients use to go from always caring about what others think, unable to trust their choices, and living in worst-case scenario thinking to being independent decision-makers and leaders, even if they always relied on people pleasing and coloring within the lines to play it safe. 
  • How to naturally re-train the body's dangerous chemical reactions to chronic overwhlem and the simple process our clients use to experience better sleep, weight loss, lowered blood pressure, and stronger immune systems, WITHOUT any other changes to their lifestyle. 
  • to do ALL of this without sacrificing a career, family and friends, or retreating into an ashram in India for 40 years.