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Overcome Fears, Heal Inner Wounds,
Connect Deeper and Build a More Meaningful Life


On this call, we will clearly identify the different dimensions of your life that are limiting your success and happiness, how your ideal life would be if you were able to get past these blocks, and the direct and quickest path to radically shift you into this vision. This might be the most powerful 45 minutes you have ever spent.

Hear What Carrie’s Clients Have to Say…

Carrie raises the bar for other life coaches. She is a professional who embodies authenticity, integrity, spirit and unconditional love. Her coaching services are humbly, yet masterfully offered within a sacred space co-created with you and for you. Should you make the invaluable decision to partner with Carrie as your coach, you’ll surely find yourself enjoying an experience full of self-discovery, empowerment, excitement and growth. You’ll find you’re creating the life you’ve always desired.


Michelle V. Eustis, FL
Cathleen G. Dallas TX

Carrie is truly gifted and meant to be a Life Coach! My work with her was very profound and inspiring, and I found a purpose in my life that I didn’t know existed but fits perfectly. If you are open to changing your life, this is the course, and Carrie is the guide, for you. I hope your experience is as amazing as mine was!


Carrie brings a warm yet high energy that immediately allows you to feel that you have a trusted confidant on your side who is ready to get you moving forward. and to really look deep inside, and question and challenge that fear, and those negative words and emotions that hold so many of us back from living the lives we are meant to live.


Jennifer F.