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If you want…

  • to quickly clarify why you struggle to achieve your goals
  • develop the success mindset and habits right now to begin to follow-through and reach your vision
  • refuse to spend a fortune on coaches and programs that don’t deliver sustainable change
  • want a deeply personal, holistic and empowering experience tailored just for you
  • to create real and lasting change

…then Accelerated Coaching is for you.

If you are seeking…

a masterful hand to expedite your growth and if you desire the experience of an expert professional who brings both the counseling and coaching worlds together for the greatest depth and magnitude of change,

……then Carrie Bowman is your Coach.

You Are Here

  • You want to remove all the hurdles in your life.
  • You yearn for the motivation, clarity, and discipline to move forward and accomplish your goals NOW.
  • You are exhausted by the stress, overwhelm, fear, and anxiety of your current life experience.
  • You are ready to develop positive and life-supporting habits and a way of living to support your highest self.
  • You are ready to make new choices and follow-through and sustain change on a long-term basis.
  • You want to fast-track your success in your personal and professional growth.
  • You are ready to experience profound change in your career, physical health and emotional well-being, financial standing, relationships, and the other pressing dimensions of your life.
  • You want the highest level of self-confidence and self-esteem possible.
  • You want to discover your purpose – the purpose that will truly ignite your fire for living.
  • You’re ready to push your vision out of the realm of imagination into the world of reality.
  • You desire a skilled and experienced mentor to support and guide you to getting the results you want in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

This is all within your reach. It is all truly achievable. All you need is the right mindset, focused actions, and an experienced guide who can show you the way.

More About Carrie Bowman

Carrie is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Her goal is to provide the essential expertise and practical tools to tap into and harness your inner strength, wisdom, and power in order to overcome the struggles and pitfalls that are bogging you down and to be your guide in creating a life you love – fast.

As your experienced Life Coach, confidant and personal ally, she’s able to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light and offer different perspectives on difficult situations. She will be your sounding board through tough decisions and will help you sharpen your life skills and motivate you to remove the blockades in your life.

Individuals are attracted to her rich experience, in-depth training, and coaching style as her unique approach dramatically raises their awareness, quickly increases options and choices throughout life, and delivers both effective and powerful results.

What makes Accelerated Coaching with Carrie Unique?

Accelerated Coaching involves addressing and evaluating every facet of your life and identifying the areas that are keeping you from living to the most pristine level of your being. The exclusive approach of Accelerated Coaching makes it fundamentally different from other coaching styles and delivers tangible and measurable life-changing results, which are sustainable over time.

Carrie brings the beauty of two worlds together for the ultimate experience and success of her clients – combining the psycho-therapeutic arena of clinical psychology and a diverse background and years of training and education as a therapist, with the rigorous standards and processes of an expert certified coach. The profound result is her ability to take a client much deeper than most other coaches can facilitate or understand. Her coaching techniques are molded to exclusively fit your personal needs to get you the results you crave.

With Carrie on board to help direct your personal and professional growth, you are able to delve into the real reasons why you are finding yourself blocked and unable to achieve your life-long goals, and then brilliantly devise an action plan around this increased awareness in order to affect the change you have always been seeking.

The Accelerated Coaching Approach

Throughout the coaching process, Carrie artfully creates a secure space where courage and growth are nurtured. In this safe space of complete acceptance and non-judgment, she will help you discover what you really desire, reveal your real motivation – your WHY, and identify the dimensions of your life in which you truly seek to experience change. Within this proven process of coaching, you will delve into accessing your innate wisdom and ability to tap into your own answers. Accelerated Coaching is based on your own experience and is devised to work distinctly with your own personality, temperament, and learning style.

Phase One: Clearing Ground & Laying Foundations

You will get very clear on what is working for you and what is NOT. As a unified team, we will examine and clarify your skills, talents and gifts, and purpose and align these to your higher vision and action plans. In order to move forward brilliantly and with effectiveness, you will clearly begin to pinpoint how you get in your own way and how to harness your natural abilities and creative power. Once you begin to uncover this information, then you are ready to move into phase two of the work.

Phase Two: Adding in the Dimensions of Your Life

In the second phase of the work, you will delve further into the external factors that contribute to your transformational success story. Together, you and Carrie will dive into the various dimensions of your life: career and fulfillment at work, relationships, wealth, physical health, emotional and mental well-being, your self-esteem, confidence, and worth, your social life and community involvement, your spirituality and mindfulness, parenting and marriage, the impact you want to make in the world, and your life vision. Carrie believes that all dimensions of our lives are interconnected and therefore when we instigate change in one area of our life, we will always experience the benefits in other areas as well. Carrie’s approach to coaching is holistic, and therefore she doesn’t just coach you around one specific area, but you as an entire person.

Phase Three: Opening the Door to Action & Development

Then taking these personal values and goals, you and Carrie will design an executable, measurable, and highly effective action plan to make your version of an extraordinary life – a plan which can be measured, tracked, refined, and achieved. You will be taking focused and consistent action toward your goals every day. Every session will take stock of your progress, fine tune action points and results, and move you forward quickly.

Phase Four: Continuing Improvement & Advancement

With continuous monitoring, honest appraisal and in the moment problem-solving, you will step into your defined action plans, always receiving real time feedback to help you create continuous forward motion and shape your life into one you love. It is critical to receive steady and ongoing feedback on what is going well and what needs to be evaluated and improved. Change is a constant process and a highly trained coach to monitor this is key.

Most self-development plans and goals fade over time, as simple external motivation is not enough to sustain real progress and change over time. With Accelerated Coaching, Carrie and you will go “inside” to help you align your transformational goals with your internal goals and visions, so the self-propelling motivation to continue on long after coaching is concluded is a reality. This is about clients becoming dependent on themselves, learning how to “work” best to be as successful as possible, developing their OWN best practices and being able to really keep themselves on the fast track and accountable, over time, to themselves and what they can truly accomplish.

By following your new course of action and through consistent practice, you will come out the other side a completely different person. The smallness and normalcy you feared, the ordinary life and dull existence that had once ensnared you will be identifiable in memory only. What will remain is you, the true YOU. Self-aware, empowered, full of gratitude, and inherently whole.

Results You Can Expect

Accelerated Coaching clients report a wide array of transformative,
life changing benefits:

  • A stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment accompanied by higher levels of motivation, focus, and self-discipline
  • Dramatically increased levels of self-esteem and worth
  • Significantly more clarity regarding career paths and the recognition of combining joy with work
  • Higher levels of performance at work and increase in earning potential
  • Major improvements in their financial life, including better financial habits and organization, increases in income, and overall greater financial freedom
  • More emotional awareness, insight, and ability to navigate emotionally challenging experiences
  • More balanced physical health, greater happiness with their bodies, and a higher sense of self-confidence
  • Decrease in anxiety, fear, stress, and overwhelm
  • Increased levels of peace, joy, and happiness
  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in their career
  • Participation in healthier, communicative, respectful, and more supportive relationships
  • Deeper spirituality, mindfulness, and a greater connection to themselves
  • More effective, aware, respectful, and loving parenting

So, it’s time to decide…

Do you want to keep trying to figure it out on your own, or are you ready to fast-track your growth personally and professionally?

Do you want a supporting mentor to guide you in expediting your growth?

Are you ready to stop living your ordinary life and start attract the life you want?

If you feel excited about living a life of abundance, then you already have your answer.

Please note that Carrie offers both Private & Hybrid Coaching options for each coaching specialty offering. If you’re curious about how you can work with Carrie, understand that you must be invested in yourself and committed to your growth.

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