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Your why is your Life Purpose. It is your motivation and the key to your true happiness and authentic sense of fulfillment. Knowing your Life Purpose will enable you to finally overcome the hurdles that have held you back in the past, and it will give you the stamina to push through the how’s of true and lasting achievement.

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These questions are a must have if you want to truly live a joyous and fulfilling life by becoming more self aware and knowing what fuels you.  

Top 3 benefits from this guide:

  • You'll be able to identify your core values and passion.
  • You'll uncover your skills, strengths and talents so you can use them to your advantage. 
  • Once you completed the exercises in this guide, you'll become more self aware and be able to use this knowledge to create a life around your passion. 
Discover Your Purpose

So stop sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by. It's your time to get in the game and find what your life purpose is. You owe it to yourself to make it important, to put forth the effort, to venture outside of your comfort zone, to reflect, to discover, and to live guided by your Life Purpose. 

About The Author

Some Transformtions From Coaching Clients

Carrie Bowman Certified Life Coach

Carrie Bowman MA, PCC, CLC

Certified Life Coach | Trained Therapist

I’m passionate about working with people in a way that facilitates their inward and outward growth, while enhancing and rewarding them in their true untapped potential, hidden gifts, career, relationships, the pursuit of happiness and overall purpose in life. I believe everyone has a right to live with joy and we do this through finding our purpose and then creating a life around that. I discovered this hard way. 

Having achieved a high level of success by the end of my twenties with prestigious degrees, a defined and successful career, and the freedom to create what I believed to be true happiness, my life was set; or at least I thought so. Despite my accomplishments in career and financial freedom, I felt a severe disconnect deep inside of me. This disconnection just could not be filled with any of my attainments. So many of us are raised to believe if we work hard and manage to make the outsides of our life as perfect and successful as possible, then happiness will be the result. However, that joy is temporal and not a long-term solution.  

The search and struggle lead me to a discovery. Vodka. My life took a drastic turn from thereon forth, where untreated alcoholism took over every aspect of my very existence. I was in the last year of my Ph.D program, completing my doctorate in clinical psychology and my days took on a façade I desperately tried to continue, as my world began to crumble all around me. Looking back, it is clear the very shattering of my world was the necessary step in my personal evolution. I gradually began to lose everything that meant something to me in life.  

Just when I had thought I had no way out and my spirit was slowly succumbing to its demise, two comprehensive rehab visits brought me hope. I realized that the answers lay not outside of me, but they resided inside all along. I realized that I actually desperately wanted to live but I could not go back to the place I had been. I had to begin to live in a different way and I was determined to discover how this could be. It was either destruction or change. There was no other choice.  

Eventually, I embarked on my journey in recovery and started witnessing the changes before me. The journey was now that of self-discovery and inner manifestation, heightened consciousness, self-empowerment and realignment of vision and purpose. Giving up alcohol in search for devising my own path to inner tranquillity, I searched for the fertile ‘space’ within that enabled me to create and prosper.  

I found it and have built magnificent monuments of ‘the-self’ on it – ever since! If I could find this space, well, then so can anyone else that was willing to do the work. This is my WHY and my Life Purpose. I want to help others create an extraordinary life. 

Kristin L.

  • Carrie helped me navigate a complete career change, and because of her, I truly was never more at peace than the day I put in my notice. I went from a corporate financial accountant to a hospitality small business owner (a COMPLETE 180), and I have never been happier. She helped me confidently jump to the next lily pad in my life, even when I couldn’t see the outcome. I could not have done this and kept my sanity without Carrie’s guidance, and I promise that working with her will be an uplifting and life-changing experience for anyone looking for some guidance!

Ryan L.

  • It has been my pleasure to have had Carrie as a coach and supporter as we have shared this journey towards a more conscious and empowered life. She is as authentic a human being as I have ever known and creates an environment that truly encourages open and honest communication. With her encouragement, I have achieved a level of clarity and balance in my life that has exceeded my expectations. Carrie is a very calming influence, while providing an invigorating stream of motivation. She has been instrumental in helping me pave a path to success in all areas of my life.

Kathleen F.

  • Carrie Bowman is a gifted and powerful coach. Our coaching sessions delivered the specific clarity I was seeking while beginning my own business. Her expert coaching style sent me on a wisdom quest that would ultimately unlock my most successful and provocative ideas. I went from only one paying client to seven while working with her. She is truly POWER, and will guide you on an incredible journey to your most magnificent self. You do not want to miss this!

Kim N. 

  • My experience with Carrie was full of insight and purposeful from the very beginning. She helped me really go deep into what was blocking me from taking tangible steps to move forward in my life, and translate this into positive, healthy, and successful action steps to create real change in my life. Throughout our time together I was able to discover skills and passions within myself to which I was really asleep. With Carrie’s guidance I was able to finally start creating a life I truly loved. Overall I found my time with Carrie to be an incredibly positive, action-oriented, and insightful experience to finally pursue something greater for myself.

Chad G.  

  •  With Carrie’s incredible guidance, support, and expert knowledge, she helped me to persevere and discover so much more about myself than I ever deemed possible. Today (and in a very short period of time, too), I am now living day-to-day comfortable in my own skin. I am secure in my life, full of self-awareness and gratitude for what once used to be confusion and doubt, and am more fulfilled and happy than I have ever been. 

Allison M.

  • My experience with Carrie was profound. I felt compelled to find answers for my life, when I kept experiencing the same blocks and disappointments again and again. I was uncertain how much coaching could help me, but I was willing to try. My first session left me with a feeling of clarity, excitement for what could be possible, and inspiration to finally take action. Carrie is an exceptional listener and has an incredible ability to help a client process their experience without being afraid or cautious. I highly recommend her for any person who is seeking to cast light on their core being and how to connect with their true self for life-long fulfillment.

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  •   To find your Life's Purpose. We all have one. 
  •  So you can identify your core values and passion.  
  •  To unlock your skills, strengths and talents so you can focus on what makes you unique. 
  •  To become more self aware so you can create an extraordinary life doing what you love.