From my first conversation with Carrie, I was elated at the journey that I was about to embark on. Carrie brings a warm yet high energy that immediately allows you to feel that you have a trusted confidant on your side who is ready to get you moving forward. She also has a gift for delivering that kind of “tough love” that allows you to really look deep inside, and question and challenge that fear, and those negative words and emotions that hold so many of us back from living the lives we are meant to live.

With Carrie’s guidance, I’ve come out the other side. I have experienced a shift of coming back to my true self. And I’m carrying with me that amazing feeling that this is just the beginning, and that my future is abundant with opportunity. And when I need them, the right tools and strategies that Carrie has armed me with are available to me to move forward with confidence and in my knowing — always.

Jennifer F.

“I went into my interaction with Carrie not really sure what to expect and having been shaken by multiple recent life changes…..I came out the other side with my confidence back, my head clear and a plan to move forward.

Susan O.

I knew where I wanted to be in life but didn’t have the tools and support to get me to where I was going and felt as though I was perhaps at rock bottom and knew in my heart that the only way, was up, but how. I found Carrie through Facebook and I can honestly say she was my angel In disguise. I immediately connected with Carrie. I’ll never forget my two hour session with that extraordinary woman that day. So many emotions were felt that day. Tears of sadness, relief knowing there was hope and a sense that a weight was lifted off my shoulders. The coaching, guidance and tools Carrie has given and taught me the last year has not only helped me in the here and now but it’s something that I will utilize for the rest of my life. To know her is to love her and I will forever be grateful of her!

Amanda R.

My experience with Carrie was profound. I felt compelled to find answers for my life, when I kept experiencing the same blocks and disappointments again and again. I was uncertain how much coaching could help me, but I was willing to try. My first session left me with a feeling of clarity, excitement for what could be possible, and inspiration to finally take action. Carrie is an exceptional listener and has an incredible ability to help a client process their experience without being afraid or cautious. I highly recommend her for any person who is seeking to cast light on their core being and how to connect with their true self for life-long fulfillment.

Allison M.

My experience with Carrie was full of insight and purposeful from the very beginning. She helped me really go deep into what was blocking me from taking tangible steps to move forward in my life, and translate this into positive, healthy, and successful action steps to create real change in my life. Throughout our time together I was able to discover skills and passions within myself to which I was really asleep. With Carrie’s guidance I was able to finally start creating a life I truly loved. Overall I found my time with Carrie to be an incredibly positive, action-oriented, and insightful experience to finally pursue something greater for myself.

Kim N.

I began working with Carrie at a time when I felt stuck in my life. I knew that I needed to make major changes, especially with regard to my career path, but I felt very lost about how to make progress toward my goals. Carrie’s support was instrumental in helping me find the clarity, confidence and direction I needed to discover my authentic self and pursue my passions. I have worked with a few life coaches in the past, and my previous experiences do not compare to how wonderful my experience was working with Carrie. Her deep capacity for empathy, compassion and sincerity, along with her intelligence and life experience, always made me feel like I had someone on my team who truly understood me and could guide me through any challenge I faced. In just a few short months my life became almost unrecognizable compared to when I first started working with Carrie, and I guarantee only good things will come your way if she is on your team, too!

Meredith F.

I came to Carrie at one of the most difficult points of my life. In my mind, I was struggling with the direction of my career. In reality, I was juggling anxiety, restlessness, a new marriage, increasingly unfulfilling work, and dreams that seemed impossible. I was skeptical of any sort of help, but I was at the end of my ability to help myself. I connected with Carrie during the complimentary initial consultation, and we continued to have these incredible weekly calls for the next several months. To say that our meetings were helpful would be an understatement. Carrie was able to listen and understand me in a professional but warm way that I couldn’t expect out of my family and friends. She built me up weekly, listened to my fears, held me accountable for my goals, but let me dictate the direction of our conversations and discover myself at my own pace. There were some weeks where we did some really insightful work into myself and some weeks where she was a patient and kind listener for me to unload my latest struggles. I always left our meetings feeling hopeful about my future and with greater clarity for my next steps. Carrie helped me navigate a complete career change, and because of her, I truly was never more at peace than the day I put in my notice. I went from a corporate financial accountant to a hospitality small business owner (a COMPLETE 180), and I have never been happier. She helped me confidently jump to the next lily pad in my life, even when I couldn’t see the outcome. I could not have done this and kept my sanity without Carrie’s guidance, and I promise that working with her will be an uplifting and life-changing experience for anyone looking for some guidance!

Kristin L.

It has been my pleasure to have had Carrie as a coach and supporter as we have shared this journey towards a more conscious and empowered life. She is as authentic a human being as I have ever known and creates an environment that truly encourages open and honest communication. With her encouragement, I have achieved a level of clarity and balance in my life that has exceeded my expectations. Carrie is a very calming influence, while providing an invigorating stream of motivation. She has been instrumental in helping me pave a path to success in all areas of my life. I am honored to have Carrie as my coach and enthusiastically recommend her.

Ryan L.

Carrie is the best! I was a bit unsure of how the process would go when I started coaching sessions with her, but her warm, inviting, and engaging manner quickly set me at ease and made it possible to see some real progress in my life quite rapidly. I am quite pleased with the results, and have seen lasting positive change in my life. I would recommend Carrie’s services without hesitation to anyone looking for positive change in their life.

Paul M.

Working with Carrie was very profound for me. Instead of stating all the obvious positives about her, I would rather highlight my personal journey and progress as confirmation of her expertise and skill. In the space of only three months, she provided the fundamental encouragement and understanding that facilitated my shift from an anxious and depressed pessimist to a confident young adult ready and eager for new opportunities. I cannot state enough how much I appreciate this experience with Carrie and offer her my highest praise and recommendation.

Mitch K

Carrie Bowman is a gifted and powerful coach. Our coaching sessions delivered the specific clarity I was seeking while beginning my own business. Her expert coaching style sent me on a wisdom quest that would ultimately unlock my most successful and provocative ideas. I went from only one paying client to seven while working with her. She is truly POWER, and will guide you on an incredible journey to your most magnificent self. You do not want to miss this!

Kathleen F.

Carrie’s calming voice and warm tone supports transformational coaching sessions, and she continues to pose powerful and enlightening questions that purposefully lead me to the answers I firmly need. She has a certain grace, love, and innate understanding to tease out the truth that needs to be clarified, and assists me every week in forming the next steps I will take to obtain my focus and goals. Her spirit of hope is infectious and it is impossible to leave a session without being inspired to do and be better!

Stephanie N.

I reached out to Carrie during a time of great transition, specifically career. Her compassion, transparency, intuition, and knowledge resulted in clarified objectives and exciting opportunities. I thoroughly loved and felt empowered by the collaborative process. I came to her blocked and left with clarity and attainable solutions. Her support and feedback was direct and relevant to all topics addressed and examined. Thank you, Carrie, for your strong belief in me and my potential to ultimately perceive the change in my life as a gift rather than a burden.

Ashley C.

I reached out to Carrie to find clarity in my life. But our sessions uncovered so much more. Carrie helped me discover where I needed to focus during a time of big life changes and confusion. Carrie is caring, invested and very committed to your goals in life coaching. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Candice S

The life coach work I have done with Carrie has opened me up to new possibilities. I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted my life to look like one day but it all seemed far away and unattainable. Through her coaching and guidance, I am now able to take action and work towards all that seemed so unattainable. This work has allowed me to connect to the answers that have always been inside of me. There has been peace in this work and a true sense that my life will be beautiful and fulfilled. I was not able to see that before. I am beyond grateful for the time and work she has done with me. I never could have realized the depth of this work and how it would change my life until I began the process of opening doors and my heart changing

Bethany B.

From the very first conversation with Carrie, I immediately had the sense that I had always known her. While I was traversing some incredibly difficult transitions-moving from the suburbs to the city, leaving one world and going into another, I really struggled with adjusting to my new life and experiences. I felt fearful about being alone and I began to really second-guess and hesitate, not only who I truly was, but my value as a person. However, with Carrie’s incredible guidance, support, and expert knowledge, she helped me to persevere and discover so much more about myself than I ever deemed possible. Today (and in a very short period of time, too), I am now living day-to-day comfortable in my own skin. I am secure in my life, full of self-awareness and gratitude for what once used to be confusion and doubt, and am more fulfilled and happy than I have ever been. Thankfully, that has spilled into the other aspects of my life and it just keeps getting better. I met Carrie in November of 2015, and she very quickly became one of the most influential people I met last year, and possibly ever!