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As human beings, we are vulnerable to injury – be it emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. With every wound comes the necessity for healing internally as well as externally.

When we think of the word ‘deep,’ we automatically view it as something that is internal, and while pain and suffering are normal, human inevitabilities, many people fail to address the need for inner treatment and healing.

Deep healing is crucial for self-healing, and it demands that an individual’s driving power towards change is based on recognition of the ‘need’ for recovery and progress.

You can heal with the right remedy

It involves an intricate mixture of traditional coaching, therapeutic insight, focus, support and deep energy work.

Hello, I’m Carrie Bowman and as a Certified (ICF) Life Coach, my goal is to provide a mechanism where you find the inner strength to overcome the struggles and pitfalls that are bogging you down and be your guide in creating a life you love.

As a life coach, confidant and personal ally to you and your unique existence as an individual on this planet – I’m able to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. I act as a sounding board for you through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate you to unclog the blockades in your life. You no longer need to live trapped in pain when I can help set you free.

Unlike most life coaches…

I focus on the internal ecosystem of an individual’s life, not just the external.Over the years, my experience and deep understanding of people and their struggles has given me intricate insight into what works, what doesn’t, and why some life coaching methods simply are ineffective.

A great deal of coaches only focus on the ‘external’ aspects and extenuating factors that contribute to an individual’s problems and difficulties. But ignoring the internal universe within dramatically lowers the bar for true accomplishment and sustained success.

This internal universe includes every intangible aspect of an individual’s being, from personal belief systems, perceptions, ideas and narratives.

Traditional coaching often ignores these deep-rooted, inner rudders, and tries to steer the ship by merely focusing on the external aspects visible on the naked surface.

It attempts to create directional change from the ship’s deck alone, ignoring the strength of the ocean’s waves below. This approach is neither realistic in nature nor sustainable: the ship can never be captained successfully without giving weight to the environment and circumstances in which the ship sails.

To ignore these crucial factors is akin to using a severely flawed compass to chart one’s course.

What matters the most is how the internal elements and the dynamics below-the-surface contribute to the situation at hand.

Thus, life coaching – in some ways – is no different than visiting the doctor’s office with a sinus blockade or flu. The doctor examines you, analizes the external and internal symptoms of the condition, and then identifies the elements contributing to the nasal block or sinus irritation that are keeping you from breathing freely.

After establishing a personalized and focused one-on-one diagnosis, the doctor prescribes medicine, along with an insight into the precautions and everyday ways to avoiding future similar conditions. This then brings you ‘clarity’ to your condition so you know how to effectively treat it. Clarity provides more than that though…it means empowering you. And empowerment is the prized element which paves the way for freedom. True freedom!

Now imagine that same analogy with regards to your spiritual, intellectual, mental and emotional health – a health vital to sustaining your existence through the journey – a journey built on The Self.

The Self is all you intrinsically have:

– It is what you own.

– It is what defines you.

– It is your only possession at birth and your only possession at death.

– It is your best friend and constant companion through times of joy and sorrow.

– It is the essence and clay of your existence, and just like clay, you can change and mould it according to your attentive skills throughout the span of the journey.

Without focused work on this Self and informed, directed attention to what is truly blocking/disconnecting one from living a more enjoyable, wholesome and successful life, real change will either be fleeting or not occur at all.

What does a Deep Healing program look like?

The exclusive Deep Healing program enables you to take the matters of your inner and outer life into your own hands, while discovering self-defined solutions and creating essential roadmaps.

It begins with connection and ends with joy

Connecting deep within ourselves is one of the most liberating feats we can attain! We all possess an inherent capacity and innate potential to evoke and embrace a higher guidance within us. However, often a time we lack self-trust and give in to hesitation. Self-healing is about learning how to fully trust ourselves – free from doubts, discovering and establishing an honest connection with our inner Self, and embodying the Truths of our Self.

Deep Healing program focus:

The program’s core focus entails getting individuals to free themselves from the limitations of the ego, such as emotional looping, mental beliefs, compartmentalized thoughts etc. It empowers them to take charge of their own higher state, where growth and healing is possible – without falling into the cycle of externalizing their power to outer elements.

The Deep Healing program guides you through the Awakening Process; enabling you to discard unhealthy coping mechanisms, tools and patterns that prevent you from leading a healthy, independent, assured and connected life rooted in your own inner guidance.

What you can expect

Satisfied rulers of their own domain, clients of the Deep Healing program report tremendous changes within the composite of their lives. These changes range from happiness, joy, feeling comfortable within their own skin, confidence, peace and clarity of their unique purpose in life.

Furthermore, this program facilitates you in accomplishing improved mindfulness, connectedness and consciousness. You’ll be able to attain increased levels of peace, fulfilment and stress reduction.

Through self-healing and deep introspection techniques you’ll realign yourself with your spiritual essence, while proactively focusing on healing past trauma, recovering from addictions and establishing healthy, improved relationships built on trust and intimacy.

So, it’s time to decide…

Do you want to keep slapping bandages on to simply cover the wounds or do you want to completely heal yourself from below the surface?

Are you ready to end the suffering and start living?

If you feel excited about the possibilities that await you on the other side of pain then you already have your answer.

I look forward to supporting you on road to recovery.

With Love,


P.S. Please note that I work with a very limited number of one-on-one clients so spots are limited and are exclusive to those who demonstrate that they are committed to their own growth. (No time wasters please). If you’re curious about how we can work together, understand that you must be invested in yourself and our time together.

P.S.S If you prefer online learning at your own pace, please check out my 90 days to an Extraordinary Life Group Coaching Program.

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